"I believe music gives us permission to FEEL, which helps us HEAL and open to LOVE, so that we can HARMONIZE with ourselves, those around us, and all that is." ~ Krista Richards

 Visionary Singer/Songwriter, Krista Richards creates a safe space for hearts to open; through dynamic live experiences, transformational mentorship, and by creating one of a kind custom songs.  

Krista draws people into the profound presence of LOVE unlike any other. Her powerful storytelling mixed with her heart stirring songs creates a perfect recipe for transformation; delivering the emotional experience you never knew you always wanted. Krista empowers her songs and lyrics with an unmistakable and infectious zeal for not only the music she creates, but for the connection the music allows her with people everywhere. Speaking and singing from such a deep place of compassion and love has won Krista a wide and loyal fan base and captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. 

Her smooth, sexy voice, electrifying presence and amazing connection with her audience makes Krista one of the most passionate and evocative vocalists in the industry.

Breaking into the music industry through her love of Electronic Dance Music in 1999, Krista partnered with her brother, Nathan Richards, writing, producing and performing LIVE as äion (pronounced “a-on”). They chose the name from Carl Jung’s work related to the phenomenon of the self, or the process of becoming distinct or individual in nature. The pair certainly was unique and they soon enjoyed international success topping charts with their hit “Tonight” with H-Foundation, with their roots firmly planted in San Diego.

Krista is well known and well loved within the dance music industry and is most often praised for her powerful and soulful house vocals, lyrics, and melodies. She has worked with Grammy nominated producers Stonebridge, and Zhu, as well as other world-class producers in the industry. 

In early 2013, Krista took her music in a very different direction. She began presenting her songs acoustic style, in very intimate venues. The response was outstanding. Her very first concert, and every one since have been packed with attentive, and committed fans. It is clear that Krista has found the perfect space to share her expression through song. In contrast to what she had experienced prior, these venues and this style of music call forth a calm, yet powerful listening from her audience. It’s in this space that Krista has really been able to shine. The organic and deeply connected style of music really aligns with Krista’s songs and provides a perfect platform for her heart stirring messages of love.

"I believe music gives us permission to feel, which helps us heal and open to love, so that we can harmonize with ourselves, those around us, and all that is." ~ Krista Richards

For nearly 5 years Krista has been presenting her solo work through a concert series that she created called “An Intimate Evening Concert”. At these concerts, a select number of guests are welcomed into a private location, beautifully decorated and illuminated in an elegant yet cozy fashion. Libations, mingling, and a 5 star gourmet dinner is provided. During dinner there is an opening act. After dinner, all the guests gather round with pillows and blankets (living room style), and listen as Krista shares her heart and soul through her music.  

“I’m still in awe of what unfolded on Saturday night at the Love Bath! How touched we all were to hear your music. Thank you again for playing... so sweetly!” 

Jacqueline Radhakrishna (attendee of The Love Bath Intimate Evening Concert)

Krista is halfway through a series of solo EPs titled, The Fours Project. The project consists of four EPs, containing four songs plus a spoken word, and each has it’s own title and theme within the journey of LOVE: “Passion”, “Broken”, “Dream”, and Awake”. The first of the four “Passion” was released May 9th 2014, “Broken” was released June 18th 2016, and “Dream” is in production. You can hear her love of live instrumentation, as she incorporates strings, guitar, drums, and even organ.  

A couple years ago teamed up with singer/songwriter Jess Magic and Annie Anton to create a dynamic trio called HeArt Medicine. HeArt Medicine is a trio of heart-centered muses on a mission to bring rich, potent musical medicine to the planet at this pivotal time. A fusion of ancient shamanic tradition, old time gospel, and modern soul - HeArt Medicine weaves a medley of magical elements, to awaken, harmonize, and nourish the human heart.  

What unites these soulful songstresses, beyond their haunting harmonies, is their capacity to use music as a tool to celebrate and honor the full spectrum of the human experience.  


HeArt Medicine offers a collection of original and re-purposed soul-songs that are designed to break down barriers between “artist” and “audience” and engage the whole “songregation” in a rich, soulful, emotionally evocative experience. Using song as a vehicle, the women of HeArt Medicine create a compelling invitation for their audience to lift their voices into one massive prayer for love that leaves people feeling joyfully connected to their mind, body, spirit, and heArt. 

In addition to her solo creations, and her collaborations with Kiyoshi and her soul sisters from HeArt Medicine; Krista still enjoys collaborating with dance music producers, and has been working with international DJ, DJ Diamond on some exciting new dance tracks. Their first release together “Holding My Heart Out” released March 2014, reached the top 10 on the Beatport Electro Chart and the powerful tune is currently airing on some of the most popular radio shows around the globe. Krista also collaborated with a hot new House music producer; Cazztek, for a cover of the 1984 hit single by Shannon “Let the Music Play”. Krista’s collaboration with a Swiss Producer, Twenty Feet Down, titled “Love Right Here” – International release date: January 4th 2015, was a smash hit! Shorty after, Scotty Boy hit her up to track the vocals for another famous cover of “No Good” released on Cassa Rossa records, which charted near the top of the Billboard Dance charts in 2016. Krista continues to take on EDM collaborations as she is inspired. 

Krista can often be seen at festivals and events across the western US in support of her solo work and is also performing with Kiyoshi in support of his EP “Affirmation” and “Medicine Garden” on which Krista is featured on several songs, as well as with HeArt Medicine. 

As a prolific songwriter, Krista continuously takes on various projects across many different genres.  

Krista also devotes a portion of her time to coaching and supporting other singer/songwriters with their voices, and their songwriting.

It is clear that we will be seeing much, much more from this rising star.  

Download Krista's Latest EP Broken

"Broken" highlights our experience of loss in love and the shadow emotions that accompany heartache, along with the hope we ignite in it’s wake. 

With the first track on the album titled "Song for Love" Krista's deep and soulful voice beckons us to feel into our pain around love, and to not lose hope. Then with "Just This" she invites us to celebrate the present moment, choose LOVE, and stand for something deeper. 

"Realness of Love" sets us spinning with a very raw and vulnerable cry for true and meaningful connection, maybe even beyond what we've ever experienced or thought was possible. Then "Sick in the Head" gets bold and sassy, declaring "I gotta stand up, and get over you..." - stepping courageously into the letting go, and trusting that when it's time to say goodbye, there's something on the other side waiting for us. 

Krista end caps this journey through the shadow with an introspective look at her own process around heartache, noting "we've each played our part, on either side of a broken heart." in a spoken word titled "What Justice". Here she boldly declares her insight that the love she's received is directly correlate to the value she's been holding for herself, and then sets out to create a new future from a place of truly loving herself.... leaving the listeners heart beating with hers in tandem, wondering.... "perhaps I can find the courage to do the same..." 

Consider this YOUR invitation to embark on this journey through LOVE ...really feel into each aspect of love represented in each song. To search your heart and soul and uncover the mysteries and emotions that may be hidden there. To heal, and restore that which requires it. And ultimately to set yourself free, to love without hindrance, with a purity that only comes through the refiners fire. 

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